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Kinkora Place

Kinkora Hall located at 45 Anderson Street is the heart of the community of Kinkora. Built in 1979 and christened the Kanata Klub but was later changed to Kinkora Place. The hall has been host to numerous events, weddings and shows over the years.

The municipal office is located within the hall, where the Chief Administrative Officer completes their duties related to running the community. The town council also holds a public meeting at the hall once a month to conduct any business.

Every year Kinkora Place is the main event grounds for the Somerset Festival, which takes place for a week in July. There are activities every day of the week: dances, children’s events, races and tractor pulls. The highlights of the week are the parade and pancake breakfast.

The hall is also home to the local volunteer fire department. The building has three bays where the trucks and equipment are stored. The fire department was formed in 1957 and is recognised in the community for their service and dedication.

The Maple Leaf Senior Citizens Club have their own room in the Kinkora Place. They meet once a month to have lunch and hold a meeting. The seniors do fundraisers, give to charity and focus on senior’s issues.

Kinkora Hall Outside