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Sewer Collection and Treatment

Wastewater from Kinkora is collected by the Municipalities sanitary sewage system and transported to the Lagoon near the Confederation Trail. The sewage and effluent are broken down by germs in the lagoon. The sun and wind play an important role in the working of the lagoon. They provide light, warmth and oxygen to the water. This is necessary for the growth of the bacteria in the water.

The light, warmth and oxygen also aid the growth of algae in the water. The algae give the lagoon its greenish flecked colour. The algae helps the bacteria to break down the sewage and effluent.

The wind helps with the evaporation of the water and serves to get oxygen into the water. It also creates waves which help stop insects from breeding and living in the water. Disease-causing mosquitoes, for example, need still water to breed.

For a lagoon to be able to break down the sewage or effluent properly and to be a healthy place it must meet the following requirements:

  • It must not be more than 1 m deep
  • The banks need to be sloped at approximately 15 to 20 degrees and made of concrete, gravel or rock. This stops the wave action from eroding (breaking down) the banks
  • There must be no grass, trees or other vegetation on the banks or surrounding area which would stop the sun and wind action needed by the lagoon
  • The water must be free of vegetation or objects which stop the lagoon's surface wave action or create still patches
  • It must be surrounded by a high fence with a lockable gate to keep children and animals out

If you are experiencing an issue with the sewage collection system please contact the office at 902-887-2868.

This notice shall also serve to advise the Rural Municipality of Kinkora Sewer Utility will not be responsible for customers plumbing bills as a result of sewer backup.‚Äč